Every day we experience how vital is keeping the right balance among involvement and detachment in the situations that we live in order to express the best of ourselves.

In all of this, our health (both physically and mentally) plays an essential role, especially for those who carry out a complex and psychologically-challenging work.

With no claim to teach you something new, but to remind myself first, I report some good habits below, that I would suggest you to take:

  • Feed your soul (with religious, philosophical texts or simply with a good book)
  • Take care of your nutrition (without overdoing with diets but choosing food)
  • Exercise your body (at least 20 minutes on foot and go up the stairs every day)
  • Be careful about what you breathe (limit smoking, or better, give it up)
  • Get body signals: we’re not supermen and when we’re tired it’s better to take a break.

Here I recommend some links that can help you taking up good habits.